Friday, October 15, 2010

Here's What You Get for Threatening Me with Biblical Scripture!

So I got the NAD News Wire Channel on YOUTUBE up and running, and before I could even really get rolling, I get "JESUS-STOMPED" by some bored loser...who actually spent the time to post a message "disapproving" of  me using "disgusting profanity" ( I said the word FUCK). And anyone who knows me, knows I love nothing more than a well placed curse word. That said, in combination with my religious views -- had to reply to this jackass.
mattbyron2010 (2 days ago)

To "JESUSSAVES1977" --- Don't spout that shit here, my least not to me. I am a man of science.
I appreciate the reply, but frankly, "profane" words in the English language are some of the best fitting for particular situations. Profanity can be beautiful...and is certainly not a sin. If there is a god who will judge me for swearing I would not want to be on his team anyways. God?! You want to involve the alleged "almighty, all-knowing creator of the universe and heavens" in some one saying the word FUCK on a personal youtube channel? If he exists, I'm sure he wouldn't appreciate one of his "children" wasting their time on such insignificant issues. You might have just gotten yourself in the dog house with the big guy!
Anyways, you certainly don't belong here but thanks for visiting. Have a pleasant existence..
-Dr. Matt Byron

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