Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Beginning of The End


By Special Guest Contributor, Mr. Neal  Tarshis


On July 1st 1916 something happened that changed the way that wars were fought. Over 60,000 British troops at 7:30 that morning , carrying 70 pound packs, boiled out of their sodden rat and lice infested trenches and entered the desolate barbed wire territory of "No Man's Land". It was the infamous "Battle of the Somme...". The Germans were shocked to see the British advancing standing up and marching in hundreds across formations. The Germans soon overcame their shock and let loose with thousands of Maxim heavy machine guns. The slaughter was horrific. In one unit of 3,000 men only 50 were still on their feet as the charge collapsed! Thus the "romantic" era of cavalry and the bayonet charge was over and the wonders of technological warfare became the norm.